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Feb 22, 2018

Australia’s Great Train Journeys



Australia is known for its amazing panoramic views and epic rail journeys. A great way to discover the Australian landscape and visit some of its most famous cities is with the Rail Explorer Pass which lets you travel on 3 of Australia’s great train journeys: The Overland, Indian Pacific and The Ghan.The Ghan offers an experience that is almost unequaled as you travel between Adelaide and Darwin via Alice Springs over a three day period. Sure, you can enjoy the romantic views of sunsets from your seat, where the copper red sand and the cobalt blue sky fade into the night, but that’s not all. Whether you travel from Adelaide to Darwin, or vice versa, you will witness impressive changes in landscapes throughout your journey, including sights of the sweeping Adelaide Plains, the stunning Flinders Ranges and the southern tropical flora near Darwin. The Ghan is also famous for its Whistle Stop Tours, which allow you to visit must-see destinations around Alice Springs such as the glorious Katherine Gorge with its inspiring falls and rapids.

Travel from one coast of Australia, borded by the Indian Ocean to the shores of the Pacific Ocean on the eastern end of the country. The Indian Pacific takes you on a journey through Avon Valley, into the gold city of Kalgoorlie, across the vast desert of the Nullarbor Plains and through the Blue Mountains. Watch the transformation as wheat fields gradually disappear and make way to the arid landscapes of the New South Wales outback. Whether you’re traveling to Perth in the west, or Sydney in the east, you’re in for a memorable train ride with a wealth of wonderful sights to enjoy.

A relaxing and comfortable train ride through the countryside

The Overland takes you through the Australian countryside, passing by traditional country towns between Melbourne and Adelaide, including Murray Bridge, Bordertown, Dimboola, Nhill, Horsham, Ararat and Geelong. The Overland offers a journey that can be completed in a day and from Adelaide, you can continue your rail adventure with a connection on either the Indian Pacific or The Gha



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Oct 15

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